14th March 2003 Eleventh Meeting

  • The Minutes and Resolutions of the last meeting were approved.
  • Sir Robert Owen and Charles Russell reported on their discussions with Irwin Mitchell as to how the preparation of the claims could be improved.
  • The Trustees decided to postpone considering the meaning of ‘particular hardship’ in relation to psychiatric injury claims, and claims for victim’s and/or carers’ loss of earnings until comments had been received from the Department of Health. Charles Russell had received comments from Irwin Mitchell yesterday.
  • It was reported that there had been a considerable number of hits on the vCJD Trust Website from the UK, Canada and Japan. The website had been updated.
  • The Trustees affirmed that payment of the balance (if any) of the Basic Sum would be paid into the victim’s estate, unless there were exceptional reasons to do otherwise.
  • The Trustees agreed that the Statutory Instrument preventing the claw-back of state benefits should be extended from 5 April 2003.
  • At the request of Irwin Mitchell and having now considered the claims for compensation for gratuitous care, in most if not all of the cases in which such claims will arise, the Trustees reviewed the level of compensation for such care in light of all the evidence now available as to the particular demands made by the care of the victim of vCJD. It was decided that it was appropriate to increase the level of payment for such care in order to fully compensate those who have provided it. The Trustees agreed to pay an additional 30% for gratuitous care in all claims, which would be paid on the same basis as the earlier gratuitous care payments.
  • The Trustees discussed the possibility of instructing an Enquiry Agent where estranged family members could not be located otherwise.
  • The Trustees considered 4 new claims and 12 cases that had outstanding issues

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