15th March 2002 Second Meeting

This was an Induction Day that was divided into two parts.

Part One:

  • The Minutes of the First Meeting were agreed.
  • Richard Vallance gave a progress report: standard letters and procedures were being prepared; the Department of Health would be consulted before payments were made in the first few cases; he had discussed progress with David Body at Irwin Mitchell, Solicitors, who would provide the Trustees with a number of cases that illustrate the range of claims for care; and Mr Body would comment on the Main Application for Compensation shortly.
  • Sir Robert Owen explained that there would be considerable front-loading of work, as much time would have to be spent in preparing documents and procedures.
  • Sir Robert Owen has agreed to discuss matters with Edwina Rawson, at least every Friday. The Trustees should contact him if they have any issues to raise.
  • Suzanne Marriott explained that a bank account had been set up, which could be opened as soon as the Trust Deed had been signed. A folder of Documents would be sent to the Trustees in due course. The Secretary of State had signed the Deed of Indemnity.
  • The Trust Deed was signed by the Trustees.
  • Suzanne Marriott confirmed that the Department of Health was preparing the Forms of Acknowledgement which must be signed before payments are made.
  • It was agreed that Vicky Vidler and Edwina Rawson would attend the CJD Suuport Network Conference on 25th March 2002.

Part Two

  • Dr Richard Knight, Consultant Neurologist at the National CJD Surveillance Unit in Edinburgh, gave a presentation on the physiological aspects of vCJD
  • Gordon McLean, National Care Co-ordinator at the National CJD Surveillance Unit, gave a presentation on care. Trustees requested that the Report by Margaret Douglas et al.,1999, should be distributed before the next meeting.
  • Stephen Irwin and Justin Fenwick (Counsel) gave details of the compensation scheme, focusing particularly on dependency claims and how these are calculated.
  • It was agreed that Dr Richard Knight would be asked to act as Special Adviser to the Trustees. It was agreed that the diagnosis of vCJD should be made on the balance of probabilities, in accordance with the Trust Deed.
  • Dr David Stevens would consider with Dr Knight how practising clinicians could be made aware of the requirement for a diagnosis from the National CJD Surveillance Unit.
  • The third meeting would be a Training Session on a selection of sample cases. Prior to this meeting, a Report on the recommendations for compensation, and a Summary, would be provided by Charles Russell, Solicitors. Principles for care claims, and evidential matters would also be considered.

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