19th March 2004 Nineteenth Meeting

  • The Minutes and Resolutions of the previous meeting were approved, subject to some small amendments.
  • It was reported that there were 146 victims of vCJD as at 1 March 2004, according to the figures on the Department of Health’s website. Main Applications had been received in relation to 137 victims. By the end of this meeting, the Trustees will have considered 132 cases on the claims submitted to date. The Trustees had considered a total of 151 claims for £5,000 for psychiatric injury.
  • The Trustees reiterated the importance of claims being submitted with full details of other potential Qualifiers, as it is necessary to ascertain whether they were entitled to make a claim. Not providing this information would lead to delay in claims being processed.
  • There was discussion about the transmission of vCJD by blood transfusion.
  • Reference was made to the Memorial Day on 20 March 2004, and the Trustees were thinking of the families at this difficult time.
  • Malcolm Tibbert, John Melville-Williams QC and Dr David Stevens were re-appointed as Trustees for a term of 4 years.
  • There was discussion about the victims of vCJD who are receiving experimental treatment, including that this would have an impact on the duration of care provided by the families.
  • The Trustees confirmed that copies of the Annual Report and Accounts could be obtained from Charles Russell. Copies could also be obtained from Irwin Mitchell; and would be provided to The Prion Clinic, CJD Surveillance Unit and The Human BSE Foundation.
  • It was agreed that Richard Vallance, of Charles Russell Solicitors, would meet David Body, of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, to discuss the claims that require ‘particular hardship’ or ‘particular financial or emotional hardship’.
  • The Trustees considered 3 new claims, 2 claims with outstanding issues, and 34 claims by family members of 21 victims for the single sum of £5,000 for psychiatric injury lasting longer than a calendar month that has been caused or materially aggravated by the fact that the victim has contracted vCJD.

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