21st February 2003 Tenth Meeting

  • The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved, and the Resolutions signed.
  • Charles Russell, Solicitors, had received 107 applications for compensation to date. Including the cases that would be considered today, 96 have been before the Trustees.
  • The importance of applicants identifying the victim’s other family members and carers was discussed, and a failure to do so could lead to delay in compensation being paid.
  • Charles Russell reported that the website was being updated. The Main Application Form had been amended, and the Guidance Note for Compensation had been revised. Both of these would be added to the website.
  • There was a general discussion about the complexity of the scheme. The claims took considerable time to work and prepare, and progress in determining claims depended on the quality of the information provided in the application.
  • The Trustees would consider at the next meeting whether it would be necessary to take further steps, such as instructing an enquiry agent, to try to locate an estranged parent in cases where other avenues of enquiry had failed.
  • Urgent applications for compensation were considered.
  • The outstanding issues in 14 cases that had been previously considered by the Trustees were considered.
  • The Trustees considered 4 new cases.
  • The Quarterly Report of the CJD Surveillance Unit was discussed.
  • It was agreed that further cases, the Annual Report, and the meaning of ‘hardship’ in relation to claims for an identifiable psychiatric condition would be considered at the next meeting on 14 March 2003.

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