22nd February 2002 – First Meeting

  • The Trustees were introduced.
  • Sir Robert Owen provided background information relating to the two interim trusts and to payments that had been made to date.
  • The up-to-date statistics for cases of vCJD were considered, and it was decided that these would be circulated by the Secretariat.
  • Suzanne Marriott of Charles Russell, Solicitors, explained the legal documentation that would be required in addition to the Trust; for example, a Deed of Indemnity and Code for Practice for Trustees. She also explained that the Trust Deed had almost been finalised by the Department of Health.
  • Sir Robert Owen explained some of the terms of the Trust Deed, and highlighted potential difficulties; for example, how sums would be apportioned where more than one person is entitled to them, and the need to establish principles for deciding the discretionary claims.
  • Jurisdiction issues were discussed; for example, that the Trust Deed refers to statutes that do not apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the position of victims outside the jurisdiction.
  • Suzanne Marriott explained the terms of the Trust Deed that specifically relate to how claims would be decided, and how future Trustees would be appointed.
  • Administrative issues were discussed; for example, banking arrangements.
  • Charles Russell, Solicitors, were appointed Secretariat.
  • Richard Vallance, Head of the Litigation Department at Charles Russell, Solicitors, indicated how tasks at Charles Russell would be allocated. He also commented on the draft Main Application for Compensation and on the use of precedents and procedures.
  • Sample cases were considered, and the requirement for documentary evidence to support claims was also discussed.

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