25th July 2003 Fourteenth Meeting

  • The Minutes and Resolutions of the previous meeting were approved.
  • It was reported that there were 137 victims of vCJD as at 7th July 2003, according to the figures on the Department of Health’s website.
  • There was discussion about the representations that will be made to the Secretary of State later in the year for further funds to be made available for the Discretionary Fund, which is currently limited to £5m. Claims that are compensated from the Discretionary Fund will not be decided until the outcome of these representations is known.
  • The Trustees resolved that all of the claims that are compensated from the Discretionary Fund must be submitted at the same time, to ensure that the limited sums are distributed fairly. This is regardless of whether the fund is increased.
  • The Trustees considered 5 new claims, 6 claims with outstanding issues, and claims by family members of 19 victims for the single sum of £5,000 for psychiatric injury lasting longer than a calendar month that has been caused or materially aggravated by the fact that the victim has contracted vCJD

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