28th June 2002 Fifth Meeting

  • John Melville Williams QC was not able to attend
  • Sir Robert Owen reported on the meeting with David Body and others on 21st June.
  • It was resolved that the ceiling for stage 2 would be increased from 8-12 hours per day. The cases considered to date will be revisited in the light of this rise.
  • Charles Russell should send their recommendations to Irwin Mitchell before they are submitted to the Trustees.
  • In making their recommendations to the Trustees, Charles Russell would usually rely on the hours claimed in the original schedule (subject to the ceilings), where there was a discrepancy in the documents, as these were the schedules that were approved first by Irwin Mitchell’s clients and in most cases supported by statements.
  • The Trustees required the Secretariat to request information from Irwin Mitchell about the likely value of the claims being left blank in the applications.
  • The fact that non-cohabiting partners are outside the compensation scheme was discussed. Further advice will be provided about whether the Trust Deed can be amended to allow payments to be made to non-cohabiting partners who have provided care. It is unclear whether the scope of the beneficiaries can be amended. Charles Russell would speak to David Body, explain the situation, and invite his proposals.
  • 6 claims were considered and decided, as far as it was possible to do so.
  • The summaries of diagnoses of psychiatric injury were considered and thought to be very helpful.

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